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MONTHLY MEETING INFORMATION:  The Outer Banks BeeKeeper’s Guild meets the second Wednesday of each month.  Our home base is the Kill Devil Hills Library’s meeting room; however, meeting locations may change according to programming, so be sure to check this site for updates or “subscribe” for our posts below.  Show up anytime after 6:30 p.m. to socialize, and we’ll begin at 7:00 p.m.  If you arrive after the Library has locked their front door at 7:00 p.m., follow the sidewalk on the left side of the building around to the back door. If you would like to participate in the raffle, bring a little cash for ticket donation and/or any items to be raffled (do not have to be bee-related).  The raffle is usually held at the end of most meetings.

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Everyone invited! The next meeting of the Outer Banks BeeKeepers’ Guild will be held on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, (NOT our usual second Wednesday) at the Kill Devil Hills Library, 400 Mustian St. in KDH, beginning at 7:00 pm. Arrive anytime after 6:30 to hang & socialize… whether you are just getting started, are a seasoned vet, or wanting more info about honey bees in general, we welcome you to join us. (If you arrive after 7 pm when the Library has locked the front door, follow the sidewalk around the left side of the building to the back door. Please remember, they have new carpet so request no food or drinks.)

Our Guest Speaker: Etienne Nadeau, a man who wears many hats! In addition to being the president of our sister group, Beekeepers of the Albemarle (in Eliz. City), he has earned the distinction of Master Beekeeper by the NCSBA, is a commercial beekeeper/pollinator, and a local rep for Brushy Mountain beekeeping supplies to boot!

Etienne will explain the Ways, Whys and Whens of Feeding Bees, in addition to explaining some of his experiences as a commercial beekeeper.

If you are in need of anything from Brushy Mountain Bee Supply, check out their online catalog ( and give him a call or email prior to his arrival next Tuesday to see if he can deliver your product when he comes down! Etienne Nadeau, (252) 619-7308,

We’ll also include our usual raffle, so please bring any items you’d like to donate (bee related or otherwise) and/or some dollars to donate toward a ticket to win!

Hope to see you next Tuesday, February 13, at 7!  (PS If you ordered a round top feeder or blue top covers, I plan to bring them all to the meeting.)


WHEN: Sunday, January 21
TIME: 1:00 pm (Arrive anytime after 12:30 to hang out, equipment presentation starts at 1:00 sharp!)
WHERE: OBX BeeKeepers’ Guild president Denise Deacon’s house, 1101 Colleton Ave, Kitty Hawk

There are many considerations when getting started…
Still not sure which hive design you’d like to start with?
Do you want to use foundation or go natural?
8 frames or 10?
Do you really need protective gear… full suit, jacket or just hood?
Where to place your hive(s)?

Come view some of the different hives (Langstroth, top bar and horizontal), clothing and other options in person and get a better feel for what might work for you. If you have an idea where you want your hive but not sure, bring photos of your site for input.

If you started with one style hive and want more information about other styles, this is for you as well! Questions for those more experienced? Mingle with the “old-timers” to ask their point-of-view.

You already know a bit about beekeeping and are comfortable with your choices, but have nothing better to do on a chilly January Sunday afternoon? C’mon over and talk bees with the Bee-ginners and Intermediates!

Arrive anytime after 12:30, but starting at 1:00 pm sharp, Denise (with input from any other advanced keepers) will start to go through the options. Plan on staying AT LEAST AN HOUR, MAYBE TWO!

Looking forward to seeing you – call Denise if any questions at 252.722.3118.

Rotten… Honey?

Posted by Denise Deacon on January 7, 2018
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Newly released and recommended viewing for anyone interested in knowing more about the honey and pollination industry…

Netflix Original “Rotten,” Season 1 Episode 1, Lawyers, Guns & Honey explores the subject:

“With demand for honey soaring just as bees are dying off in record numbers, hidden additives, hive thefts and other shady tactics are on the rise.”

Just finished watching, and consider it startling and thought-provoking!  Other subjects addressed in this Netflix series are peanuts, garlic, poultry and dairy products, and the fishing industry.

January is typically a slow, cold month weather-wise but is a fabulous month to prepare for your coming Spring full of Delightful Honey Bees!

In lieu of a meeting this month (read this as “NO MEETING IN JANUARY!”), I would like to give two “homework assignments”…

  1.  Renew or begin your North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA) membership by visiting this appropriate page:  The cost is only $15 which you can pay there online.  We will collect our own Guild membership dues ($15 also) at the February & March meetings.
  2. Read this short (2 page) but great article from NC Master Beekeeper Randall Austin with handy suggestions for “bee stuff” to be done during January: All of it is useful, and if you like his writing style you can see more (and sign up for his monthly emails) from “Randall’s Archives”:

There – simple!  Next, we have a GREAT SPEAKER LINEUP FOR FEBRUARY & MARCH:  

FEBRUARY 13 (Please note date change to second Tuesday in Feb. instead of Wednesday because that is Valentine’s Day!):  Our local Brushy Mountain Bee Supply rep., Etienne Nadeau, will visit and speak on an equipment/spring-prep related topic, and can bring your bee equipment supply orders with him.  SAVE ON DELIVERY CHARGES!! Follow Randall’s advice and use January/early Feb. to look over your own equipment and make your wish list so that you can order prior to the spring rush!  To order from Etienne, call him at (252) 619-7308 or email

MARCH 14:  Our NCSBA President, Rick Coor, who also happens to be one of the state’s top queen producers and an NCDA approved supplier of packaged bees in NC, will be here to present “Installing and Troubleshooting Bee Packages.”  Rick will bring timely advice on how best to give your package of bees a good start, and what to look for in the crucial first weeks.

As always, please let me know if I can help provide or find answers to any questions or concerns!   Denise Deacon (252) 722-3118 or

2018 Bee Package Order Info.

Posted by Denise Deacon on December 17, 2017
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Yes, that time of year is rolling around again… Bee Package Information for 2018!  First, the below link is VERY useful from the NC Dept. of Ag regarding all things apiary in our state:

On that page you will also find a “List of Dealers Authorized to Sell Bees in NC,” and you are welcome to contact any of those suppliers to order and pick up your own bees. Out-of-state suppliers are shown at the bottom of that list.  In the past, some have also purchased from suppliers in Virginia.

Two eastern NC suppliers from that list that OBX beekeepers have used in the past have sent me their pricing information and are ready to take orders:

Rick Coor – Spring Bank Bee Farm – (919) 738-7638 –
3 lb. package with marked Italian queen $115 (with unmarked queen $110)
Pickup date is March 25 (Sunday), taking orders until the week before pickup or he reaches 300 total, whichever comes first.

Dave Bradley – Sapony Creek Apiary – (252) 904-4737 –
3 lb. package with marked Italian queen $115 (with unmarked queen $110)
Two pickup dates: March 26 (Monday) and April 23 (Monday), not sure of his order cutoff amount/date.

Don’t feel like driving a few hours to pick up bees? In past years, some OBX beekeepers have offered to pick up others’ orders in order to save the effort of all of us driving around the state individually. We usually suggest a small gas/time/trouble $ donation to the driver if you are so inclined, and we usually meet at a central location (last year was Harris Teeter in NH) at a specified time on pickup day.

I plan to order and pick up from Rick Coor this year, and am volunteering to pick up orders for anyone else as well! If you call Rick to order, be sure to tell him you are with the “OBX” pickup group.

If you plan to order from another supplier (whether it be getting nucs (“nucleus” hives) or packages and would volunteer to pick up orders for others, please call/email to let me know and I will let everyone else know… thanks! Denise Deacon, 252.722.3118,

OBX BREWING STATION – 6:00 P.M., DEC. 13!!  REMINDER:  MEETING LOCATION & TIME CHANGE!!  Our next monthly meeting will be held next Wednesday, Dec. 13… HOWEVER – we will hold it at the OBX Brewing Station in their upstairs area and begin at 6:00 p.m.  Everyone who wants to order food and/or drinks may do so on their own tab (but not mandatory to eat/drink if you don’t want!). Looking toward 2018, would love more input as to what your wants/needs are for Guild speakers & topics, so please come prepared to “throw a monthly topic idea in the hat.” Literally! There will be pens & paper available to write down your preferences and toss into the mix.

ALSO AT THE MEETING: I will bring all of the honeys from the contest so that those who weren’t able to attend can sample the delicious variety of OBX honey (and those who were there can have another taste!!).

ALSO… getting ready to group order top feeders & blue covers – see previous email sent a few weeks ago.  Contact me ASAP if you’d like to order!

I hope to see you there!  Contact me if any questions… Denise, 252.722.3118.

Michael Bush is coming to Smithfield, NC on Feb. 24 for an all day seminar on organic sustainable beekeeping.  In case you missed him at our event last March, or would like to increase your natural beekeeping knowledge, here is your chance to see him!

Sign up now for this one-day event…

Another link to the event is:

There is also the option for discount group tickets (6 tickets for the price of 5).

Michael Bush is a world-renowned author, speaker, and proponent of natural beekeeping methods, and you can view more information about him at his website:

The Beekeepers of the Albemarle  has organized a Beekeeping 101 Class in February in Elizabeth City for anyone who would like to attend!  Not just for beginners, you can brush up on first-year information as well.  See their flyer below:  (If you do plan to go, and would like to carpool, please let me know and I will try to connect attendees… Denise at 252.722.3118.)


The next statewide conference held by the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association is only three months away!  Held March 1, 2 and 3 in New Bern…

“Join the beekeepers of the NCSBA down east in the historic district of New Bern for a three day meeting that features renowned speakers, educational workshops, major vendors of the region and much more.”

The lineup is still being formulated, but so far there are some great speakers (Marla Spivak!!!) and workshops planned.  I urge anyone who can clear their calendar to join me there for a fabulous learning experience!

2018 NCSBA Spring Conference

In order to help organize the event, our Guild’s task is to obtain door prizes (40 total).  I am asking for help approaching local businesses for suitable merchandise/gifts bags (not gift certificates, though, unless they can also be used online… attendees from far reaches of the state need to be able to redeem).  I have an official “donation request” letter I can forward to anyone who can assist.  Please give me a shout at 252.722.3118.  Thanks! Denise  

DECEMBER MEETING:   Our next monthly meeting WILL be held in December, on the second Wednesday, Dec. 13... HOWEVER – we will hold it at the OBX Brewing Station in their upstairs area and begin at 6:00 p.m.  Thought it would be fun to mix it up!  Everyone who wants to order food or drinks may do so on their own tab (but not mandatory to eat/drink if you don’t want!).  Looking toward 2018, would love more input as to what your wants/needs are for Guild speakers & topics, so please come prepared to “throw a monthly topic idea in the hat.”  Literally!  There will be pens & paper available to write down your preferences and toss into the mix.

ALSO AT THE MEETING:  I will bring all of the honeys from the contest so that those who weren’t able to attend can sample the delicious variety of OBX honey (and those who were there can have another taste!!).

YOUR OFFICERS:  At the potluck/honey contest, officers for 2018 were elected.  They remain the same as 2017… those are:  President, Denise Deacon; Vice-President, Susan Rollason; Treasurer, Drew Owens; Program Director, Julie Moye; and Secretary, Dalton Hyde.  Please see the tab on our website for everyone’s contact info should you need it.

SURVEY:  I am hoping to put together an informal survey to gather info as to who lost hives this year, as in talking to several of you it seems an inordinately high number perished or absconded late in the year.  Please watch for that in a future email.

PACKAGES:  Believe it or not, I have already received info from two suppliers about package prices & dates for 2018.  That info will also be disbursed in another email or website post for those who would like to be part of a group order.

I’ll send out a reminder prior to the Dec. meeting about the change of time & venue.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!