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The objectives of Outer Banks BeeKeepers’ Guild are to teach and encourage better methods among the beekeepers of the coastal Outer Banks area, to promote cooperation and sharing, to reach a common understanding regarding our problems and their solutions, to maintain friendly and helpful relations with those working to better the beekeeping industry, to do such things relative to honeybees and the beekeeping industry that will tend to be beneficial for its members and the general public, to encourage, study and research the apiarian art with an eye toward better methodology, increased production and marketing of hive related products.

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Contact:  outerbanksbeekeepers@gmail.com
Anyone interested in beekeeping and the beekeeping industry may join our local Chapter upon payment of the annual dues.  Membership categories are Regular, Junior (under age 18) and Lifetime.  The right to vote shall be limited to Regular and Lifetime members in good standing, eighteen (18) years of age and older.
The annual dues for the members shall be the sum of the NCSBA dues (currently $15 per individual, plus the annual dues of the Outer Banks BeeKeepers’ Guild (currently $25 per regular member and $5 per junior member) payable in advance to the Treasurer of the Chapter and shall be due beginning in November for the ensuing year.  All dues expire on December 31 of each year.  Any member of the Chapter who becomes delinquent in payment of dues after December 31 will be dropped from the roll of membership after the State annual spring meeting and shall cease to be a dues-paid member of the NCSBA and the local Chapter.  A person who has been dropped from the roll of membership for non-payment of dues may be restored to active membership by paying current year dues.
We encourage our members to also join and participate with Beekeepers of the Albemarle, our sister Chapter in Elizabeth City.
Lifetime membership in the local Chapter may be given to a member who has contributed in some outstanding way to the local Chapter’s aims and ideals and for meritorious service to the Chapter upon recommendation of the Executive Committee and a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting.  Lifetime members shall be excused from payment of local dues.  No member shall be given Life Membership merely for continuous membership or for the purpose of not paying dues.

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