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Officers of the Outer Banks Beekeepers’ Guild

President, Dalton Hyde –

Past President – Denise Deacon

Treasurer, Drew Owens –

Program Director, Julie Moye –

5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Terri Sawyer

    I operate “The Farm Market, by United Turf, Inc.” located in Powell Point, NC. Where can I find to purchase local honey

    1. Post author

      Hello Terri,
      this is Debbie Lawson. I will get the word out to our local members and publish your comment. I don’t know of anyone in our guild who is producing honey for sale, just backyard beekeepers so far! Will keep you abreast if I hear anything. Love your market!
      Debbie (207-1261)

  2. Mary Beth Ponsetti

    Vacationing here in the Outer Banks in search of bees for a therapy. Is there a beekeeper here locally that we could purchase bees from?

    1. Post author

      Hello Mary Beth. Welcome to the Outer Banks! Give me a ring at 252-207-1261 and we can make an arrangement to meet. Debbie Lawson

  3. Liz and Kev Howell

    Hi, we are staying in Nags Head for two weeks, from the 23 September. Our trip would be very special if we could meet some local Beekeepers? I am sure we would have lots of ideas to exchange etc. also is there a local supplier of equipment that we could visit.

    Hope your season has been good, we are located in Scotland, it’s been interesting, our bees are on heather at the moment, just about to bring them back.
    Will be awaiting your reply, very best regards liz and kevl

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