Removal Contact List

This list is provided as a courtesy.  Bee removal is NOT a service provided by the Outer Banks BeeKeepers’ Guild… and the Guild assumes no responsibility or liability for any action, damages or distress.  Bee removal service is provided by the individual beekeepers themselves.

Please consult our “Honey Bee Removal Information” section to make sure the insects are indeed honey bees.  If so… please don’t harm them!  Simply call a beekeeper listed below who will come out and relocate them to a new area where they can continue their important pollination efforts safely.

Following is a list of OBX and lower Currituck beekeepers, sorted by home-base, who will remove honey bee swarms and/or honey bees in structures (cut-outs) such as a home, shed or boat.  This list details the areas each beekeeper will go, and services provided.  Please feel free to call any name from the list, and keep calling others from the list until you find an available beekeeper.

Let the beekeeper know where the swarm is located, how long the bees have been there and the approximate size of the bee swarm.  Please do not spray the bees or call an exterminator as beekeepers will NOT want to remove any honey bees that have been chemically sprayed.

Julie Moye Kitty Hawk KH, KDH, NH Swarms up to 15′, cutouts 252-256-0065 C 252-441-9868 W
Denise Deacon Kitty Hawk Corolla to Ocracoke Swarms and cutouts (after on-site inspection) 252-722-3118 C 252-722-3117 C
Emily Quinn Kitty Hawk KH to Manteo Swarms 252-412-5991 C 252-202-9535
Susan Rollason KDH Dare County Swarms up to 12′ 252-475-0013
Leary Sink KDH Dare & Currituck Co. Swarms & cutouts (after on-site inspection 252-455-4906
Ted Moseley KDH Dare & lower Currituck Swarms & cutouts (after on-site inspection 252-202-4673 C  252-473-3000
Hugh Taylor KDH KH, KDH, NH Swarms up to 20′ 757-556-3393 C 757-641-8595
Brian Caton KDH Duck to NH & Lower Currituck Swarms 252-491-8680
Kenny Brite Avon Hatteras Island Swarms & cutouts (after on-site inspection 252-996-0432
Suzie Scholten Buxton Hatteras, NH, Manteo, KDH, KH Swarms 252-216-9181
Johnny Praley Jarvisburg Currituck & Dare Co. Swarms up to 16′ & cutouts (after on-site inspection) 252-256-1910 C 252-256-0298
Gordon Wooten Jarvisburg Currituck County Swarms up to 10′ 252-491-6527 252-435-5311
Julian Lassiter Harbinger Currituck & Dare Co. Swarms 252-202-5117
Dalton Hyde Harbinger Camden, Currituck & Dare Co. Swarms 919-260-3265