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MONTHLY MEETING INFORMATION:  The Outer Banks BeeKeeper’s Guild meets the second Wednesday of each month.  Our home base is the Kill Devil Hills Library’s meeting room; however, meeting locations may change according to programming, so be sure to check this site for updates or “subscribe” for our posts below.  Show up anytime after 6:30 p.m. to socialize, and we’ll begin at 7:00 p.m.  If you arrive after the Library has locked their front door at 7:00 p.m., follow the sidewalk on the left side of the building around to the back door. If you would like to participate in the raffle, bring a little cash for ticket donation and/or any items to be raffled (do not have to be bee-related).  The raffle is usually held at the end of most meetings.

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It’s that time of year… Dare County Mosquito Control may be out & about in the evenings spraying.  If you are a beekeeper, they honor requests to refrain from spraying at your property (300′ prior and 300′ after).  Please contact Mac Gray, who is the Dare County Vector Control Supervisor, at either or by phone at 252.475.5885 to get on the list and for any other questions you might have.  You can also submit a written request through their website:

Even if you have been on the list in the past, it is a good idea to resubmit to make sure you’re on it!

In the news of late… N.C. bill to establish grant funds for new beehives – view it here or search “NC H.B. 756”:

If H.B. 756 is successful, in order to qualify, you must be a member of the NCSBA and be a “certified” beekeeper; also, it appears the grants will be prioritized in the order received.  Get ready now – get certified!!  As a member of the Outer Banks BeeKeepers’ Guild, you are also a member of the NCSBA, so check off that qualification!  As for the second, the OBX Bee Guild president, Denise Deacon, can administer the testing to you, both written and practical.  Follow this link to see what is involved, then contact Denise at to pursue certification:

I Want to be a Certified Beekeeper!


Whoo hoo!!!  Natural beekeeping guru MICHAEL BUSH visited us on the OBX on Saturday, March 28… 167 beekeepers swarmed the Ramada Plaza conference room to reap the rewards of hearing him speak.   The Outer Banks BeeKeepers’ Guild thanks EVERYONE involved in making this happen, and we hope this is the start of bringing many other great beekeeping events to our area in the future!  Special thanks to Michael Bush for sharing his knowledge, to all of our volunteers (and treat bakers!), to Michael Beswick (superb photographer/videographer), the Ramada Plaza, and our raffle prize donors… The Home Depot, Walmart, Nadeau Farms, Brew Thru, Hollow Daze Soap, Harris Teeter, Julie Moye, Outer Banks Craft Distilling, The Village Craftsmen, Milk Street Soap, Zillie’s, The Mothervine, and O. B. Hive!

As a member of the Outer Banks BeeKeepers’ Guild, you also will have joined the North Carolina State BeeKeepers’ Association (NCSBA).  The NCSBA holds conferences every spring and summer – these conferences are a great opportunity to increase your beekeeping knowledge and network of beekeeping friends!

This summer’s conference to be held in Winston-Salem will celebrate a special event… the 100th anniversary of the NCSBA!  Advanced registration is now open at  The conferences highlight wonderful speakers and informative workshops, and you can also check out agendas from past conferences on their website.


A Taste…

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A great quick video (7 minutes) to get you introduced and warmed up for March 18…If you haven’t registered yet, you still have time… But do it soon, as seating is limited!

Outer Banks Bloom Timetable

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Mother Nature is fickle. Some years she rouses the earth’s Spring song early, others she lingers in slumber awhile. What will 2017 bring?

In years past, I had been half-heartedly keeping track of some signs as I noticed them, and last year I was purposely more vigilant because I wanted to know better in order to prepare the hives for “full swing” when the time was right. It seems that while the OBX qualifies as “eastern NC” on official charts I have seen giving bloom timelines, we still differ and are slightly off from other locations, even from the mainland which is only a few miles over water.

I am posting this in hopes that you might also find it helpful in determining when to ready for the Spring and Fall nectar flows, and when to possibly expect times of dearth. It is in no way inclusive of all pollen & nectar plants, (includes some that are not bee-beneficial) and does include things I just wanted to be aware of (Gosh Darn Yellow Flies!!). This year I also intend to make note of not only when plants begin to bloom but also when they are finished, so as to have a full picture of the number of days the bees can harvest. If you happen to have any records of your own from years past, please feel free to share and I will add them to the chart!

Denise Deacon, 252.722.3118

The Beaufort County Beekeepers Assoc. is offering beginner beekeeping classes soon in Washington, NC… If you plan to attend and want to carpool, please let the group know!

Nucleus (nuc) Hives

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Thanks to Guild member Howard Wilson for the following info:

“ is selling local/feral treatment-free nucs in late April for $165.00 in Richmond, VA if anyone is interested. Don’t know how many he will have but I am on his list for one, and can pick up more.”

If you are not yet familiar with a nucleus (nuc) hive, it is a “mini-hive” which can be used to start a hive.  It usually consisting of five or so frames containing open and capped brood, pollen and nectar/honey, a laying queen and bees.  Be sure to check if the nuc frames are consistent with your intended equipment (deep or medium supers/boxes).

If interested, first contact Mongrel Bees to find out availability, then contact Howard at to arrange him also picking up yours!

Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers will host a workshop given by Solomon Parker, March 11,  the weekend prior to our Michael Bush event.  At least one OBBG Member will be attending.  If you are interested in carpooling, contact Guild President Denise Deacon at 252-722-3118.  You may view presentations by Solomon Parker on YouTube here: Expansion Model Beekeeping – Solomon Parker – Humboldt County Beekeepers Association May 2016 by Treatment-Free Beekeeping. Enjoy this sunny day!

Getting bees this spring? Whether it’s your 1st or 50th package, you may benefit from watching the online webinar being offered by Bee Culture.

Bee Culture magazine (in print and online) is a great resource for beekeepers, and if you haven’t already signed up for their email articles (“Catch the Buzz”) on different topics, you ought to! They are also offering a webinar on Thursday, January 26, from noon to 1:00 p.m., which will cover where packages come from, how they are made, what can go wrong (and right), feeding, etc. Need to register, though… To sign up, visit:

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